Training Tip – 2

Tip of The Week 2:    Dear Diary

There’s a saying that I subscribe to that states “What Gets Measured Gets Done.” In spite of what we may think about ourselves we are basically goal-seeking creatures who thrive on seeing improvement in all areas of our lives. This leads us to another pearl of wisdom that says “Success Breeds Success”. So how do we apply these principles to training for a cycling event or, indeed, to any other sporting challenge? It’s very simple: keep a detailed training diary.

Studies have shown that those who write down their goals have a far higher chance of reaching them than those who don’t and a training diary is an ideal way to make sure that you stay on target to achieve your particular goal. In my own training diary I record the following: 1. Time of day of the training session, 2.Distance covered, 3. Training route, 4. Average speed, 5. Food, drink and supplements taken and 6. How I felt during the cycle (e.g. “strong”, “comfortable” or “wrecked”). If the reporting is accurate and your training programme, food , supplements and recovery time are appropriate then you should see a steady improvement in distance and average speed and your perception of training should be getting closer to the “challenging/enjoyable” end of the scale. You will most likely find this to be a great motivation to keep training and improve times and average speed over set routes and to go for longer distances. On the other hand if there’s little or no improvement a quick glance at the diary should highlight the problem and you may have to increase (or in the case of overtraining, decrease) the amount of training you’re doing or you may simply need to improve on the quantity or quality of your nutrition. Either way a diary takes the guesswork out of training.